22 x 8 verses for your life: Psalm 119 illustrated


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by Marianne Schütze (author)

ISBN 978-3-939280-04-0
Luise Verlag Frankfurt am Main
Hardback, embossed, with gilt edges and thread stitching
340 pages, 17 x 24 cm


Why am I drawing the Bible?
„For many, the Bible is a closed book. People know it is famous, but they
don’t read it because it seems to have a complicated aura about it. I would like to visualize the Bible with a few pen strokes. In a picture, I summarize the effect the text has on me and want to share it with others. We can read the Bible like children: curious, open and full of anticipation.That is why the illustrations are simple and childlike.“

„The Book of Books, the Bible, is an exciting handbook for everyday life. The visualizations of the individual verses of Psalm 119 are an inspiration to read the Bible again and with different eyes.” Sebastian Loh, entrepreneur

„In a fast-paced, digital, global world, you get lost if you neglect your foundations. The artistically illustrated texts of
Psalm 119 are a source of strength and a valuable guide, not only for Christians.“
Andreas Povel, management consultant

„A wonderful companion for your life.“
Franz Markus Haniel, entrepreneur